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Author: Mr. Lust

 Who is Coco Martin:

Coco Martin (born Rodel Nacianceno  is a Filipino actor whose work includes the independent films Masahista and Daybreak as well as the television series Tayong Dalawa and Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin .
Martin started out in showbiz as one of the members of Star Magic's Star Circle Batch 9 in ABS-CBN Martin's first cameo film appearance was in the 2001 film Luv Txt where he was credited under his real name, Rodel Nacianceno. After that he took a brief hiatus in acting.

Since then he has appeared in several TV advertisements before breaking back into showbiz with his lead debut film Masahista (Masseur) for which he was awarded the Young Critics Circle Best Actor Award in 2006. He also starred in Kaleldo (Summer Heat) in 2006. Early in 2007, Martin joined GMA Network, and appeared in several GMA TV shows starting with Daisy Siete. He also became a member of the boy-group The Studs. Martin was also seen in independent gay-oriented films Daybreak and Jay.

In 2008, Martin returned to ABS-CBN and was cast in Ligaw na Bulaklak as one of the regular members. He also starred in the drama series Tayong Dalawa where he won the Best Drama Actor in the 2009 Star Awards for Television. After Tayong Dalawa, he also starred in the afternoon soap opera titled Nagsimula sa Puso. In 2010, he became part of the cast of ABS-CBN's primetime drama, Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo and had his leading role via Tonyong Bayawak. He will also star in his first mainstream film Sa 'yo Lamang  and will also be part of primetime series, 1DOL.

He has joined Star Magic. In 2011, he is scheduled to lead Philippine Primetime Television Series Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin. In Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin, he plays two roles: A soldier and an NPA Rebel who happen to be twin brothers. His soldier character falls in love with a girl who is a rebel living in the mountains and who holds hatred against the Military and the Government (played by Maja Salvador). On the other hand, Martin's NPA Rebel character falls in love with a girl soldier who is the granddaughter of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief (played by Andi Eigenmann).

Boldest Coco Martin (Photos):

About the Scandal:

The pictures was taken in the indie film "serbis" where Coco take the role of a young man who tried to be a bread-winner of his family. And the other one is the kissing scene of Coco Martin with a gay in a indie film entitled " Daybreak".

Alleged Photos:



  1. is this true ??

  1. Ha! Coco martin had this kind of vedio...

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