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Author: Mr. Lust

"Do you want to take a cab home later?" Darrin asked.I thought his request was strangely timed, given that we hadn't even gotten to the party yet.We worked together at a record store, and some friends of ours who had a band were playing a private party at a bar later on. "Maybe" I said, not wanting to worry about it so early in the evening.

I had been flirting with Darrin for a while, but I'd never seen him outside of work.Were I forced to guess I'd have guessed he was straight (he never mentioned going out with anyone of either sex), but he knew I was gay, and he seemed to indulge my attention.He was in college, working part-time; I had finished college, putting my degree to work in the retail world (jeez). Darrin caught my eye the first week I started work there.He was Filipino, maybe 5'3", 110 pounds, pint-sized.Jet black hair, short and a bit spiky, and glowing brown eyes.So cute!The women in the office adopted him as a sort of mascot, he was so adorable. I'm only 5'6", 135, and I had noticed not long before that I had always dated men taller than me (which most men are!).I'd been looking around for a little guy for a while, and there he was.Even if I would never get to be with him, it was nice to flirt with him and dream.

He was always friendly to me.He had a great smile and laughed a lot, and we had similar tastes in music, so I had a good excuse to chat with him.I wondered if I was being too overtly flirty in the presence of other co-workers, but no one ever said anything that I heard about.Still I was looking forward to be able to hang out with him in a more casual setting.

When we arrived at the party, he hit the bar with a vengeance.He was just shy of 21 (his I.D. said he already was), and he was desperate to reach legal drinking age. Taking advantage of the free drinks, he downed 5 pints in under an hour.(How could a guy that little hold that much liquid without bursting???)He came over and sat next to me and said that he'd had so much to drink, he'd do just about anything. I laughed and said he'd better be careful who he was saying that to.He didn't hear me and asked me to repeat it, but I declined, laughing it off.At this point I still didn't believe his hints were serious, though I was starting to hope they were.

So we watched the bands, mingled, and chatted briefly with each other now and then throughout the evening. I had a couple of beers; he had about 9. About a half-hour before the bar closed, he asked me again if I wanted to take a cab.Sure, I said, that'd be fine.Finally it was time to go, and we walked outside, where he grabbed my hand and pulled me across the street where taxis were waiting.We got inside, and as we sat down in the back seat, I decided not to let go of his hand.So we sat there in the back seat holding hands, not saying anything. I kind of laid my head on his shoulder.After a couple minutes, I felt him turn to face me; I looked over at him, saw him looking at me, and we started kissing.We made out for a few minutes, and then we were at his house."You can crash here," he said, as if this hadn't been made abundantly clear.I'd been thinking he was shy and unsure, but he had this all planned this out, and I stepped right into his script.Cheeky devil!

We entered his apartment, a small one-room place, very student-like: tiny kitchen, dresser, stereo, TV, and a small bed.One double window, a bamboo curtain pulled down.I sat on the bed, and he sat facing me.Immediately, he started undoing my belt, getting me out of my clothes at a furious pace. Likewise I undressed him, and there we were, suddenly naked and making out in his bed.This was beyond where my fantasy had been going--even in my dreams, he took some cajoling.In real life, he was all over me, and I was in heaven.

He had a very cute boyish body, skin of olive and copper, and was almost totally smooth except for his pubes.Though a small guy, he had a nice sized dick; not as thick as mine, but about as long.After a couple minutes, he said that this was the first time he'd ever done this, so I set out to give him a first time experience he wouldn't forget.We made out for a long time, feeling, groping, rubbing our pulsating cocks together and feeling the joy of naked skin against naked skin.Slowly I nibbled and gently chewed on his tiny nipples, eliciting moans of delight.I licked down his chest and stomach, building anticipation as I moved towards his cock.After a dramatic pause, I devoured his cock, swallowing all the way down to his pubes, sending him into a frenzy of twitches and groans.I was trying to get him off, but though he was unflaggingly erect, he'd had so much beer that he wasn't able to cum.So I sucked him a long time, enjoying the feeling of his cock in my mouth.

Eventually, he pulled his cock from my mouth and slid below me, ready to go down on me.I was on my knees astride him, and he lay below me giving his first ever blowjob.As he sucked me I rocked back, bringing his hard cock to the crack of my ass, which turned us both on.For a first timer, he was pretty good, not much teeth.His enthusiasm more than made up for lack of perfect technique.Finally he stopped sucking and started to pull hard on my cock, jerking me off with both hands.He did this for a bit, then paused, and I took over.Quickly I shot my load all over his smooth chest and stomach.I was so turned on that I spewed a geyser, and he took my cum and rubbed it all over his body and face.It was SO HOT!

We towelled off and curled up close, and I went back to playing with his dick, but though he was still hard as a rock he said I probably wouldn't get anything out of it that night.We tried to go to sleep, but his bed was so small--somewhere between a single and a double bed--that neither of us could move or shift positions at all.He had a blanket and a comforter, so I grabbed the top comforter and curled up with it on the carpet and fell asleep.

After a couple hours, I woke up. Our clothes were scattered across the floor; his dark blue corduroys were next to my head, the Levi's tag saying 27" waist, 27" length. I rolled over to look at Darrin.I heard some rustling, and we looked at each other.Still tired, I kind of turned away to lay back down, and he suddenly pounced on me, totally hard and ready for more.We crawled back on the bed and really went at it.I was sucking him, him sucking me, entwined in a 69 position, stalling off my orgasm as we explored each other.I licked his thighs, licked his balls, and started nibbling on his buns, which sent ripples of delight throughout his body. Gradually I started licking closer to the hole, gauging his reaction.When he just moaned some more, I went for it and gave him a noisy, slurpy, enthusiastic rim job.He hadn't said much during sex, but he whispered "Oh yeah, eat my ass."

Tight and hairless, his ass was a joy to rim.I tentatively poked a finger in, and he was so tight I decided not to go further.I wanted him to have a good first time, and he seemed like a guy who hadn't ever practiced with his finger, so I thought it best to wait.If he'd asked, I'd have gone for it, but he didn't so I held back. But I rimmed and fingered him for a good long time, and I finally asked him if he thought he could cum. He said he'd try, and through a combo of jacking him and sucking him he blew his load all over my chest and stomach. My chest was a sticky mess of hair and cum. He climbed on top of me and we rubbed our bodies together, smearing his load all over us.We grabbed a towel, mopped up, and cuddled and kissed for a long time.I looked at him and still couldn't believe it had happened; I was light headed enough from being tired and drained that it seemed like a dream.I felt so honored to be in his presence, so thrilled in his enthusiasm and that he picked me for the guy to cross the line with, that I was immensely happy and satisfied.

I would have loved to stay longer, but I had to go home, get cleaned up and change clothes before heading off to work.Alas, there was no sequel, which was very sad for me--I so hoped it wouldn't be our last time together.A few months later he started coming out publicly, and we finally talked about it again.But though I'd jump at the change to do it again (he had gotten freaked out by the fact that we work together), it was so good for my soul (and ego!) that I'll forever look fondly on the one night we had together.



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